Posted by: texantiff | 5 August 2008

Edouard or Cowouard?

I have always loved the thrill of a tropical storm and/or hurricane!  It would have been nice to see the drunken chauvinistic French side of Edouard  today.  Especially since it happened to be my day off!  But alas, we had to settle for the milder mannered side. 

I remember Hurricane Alicia.  I was 3 and mostly remember sleeping on the living room floor with my grandparents and listening to the wind howl outside our 4 walls.  It’s funny that as a kid, it seemed like as long as I was inside my house, nothing at all could hurt me or my family.  I remember kerosene lanterns, and talking, and waking up the next day to a water filled yard and being carried across it to the road by my dad.  In my memory the yard had flooded several feet high.  But it’s like anything else I guess, everything seems so much bigger when you’re a kid.  It was probably not even knee high.  The interesting thing is that we stayed and weathered the storm and no one was injured and there wasn’t any damage to our home.  And we lived less than a mile from the Dickinson Bay. 

I think that this has really bred in me a distaste for all the paranoid hoopla about tropical storms and the like.  I get really frustrated with folks when they over react and over prepare for a little rain.  It’s just in my blood, i guess, to not start to worry unless we’re looking at the “Big Storm”.  Meaning Cat 4 or 5.  Here in Houston today, it was so bad that on every local channel, some weather reporter was out in the rain reporting on puddled parking lots and water filled ditches.  Seriously?  That isn’t newsworthy. 


But, thankfully the tropical rain storm made my entire day incredibly enjoyable.  Thank you weather gods.  Thank you.  And let’s see what you can do next time!



Posted by: texantiff | 17 April 2008

Garden Tiff

I am getting SO excited about my little vegetable garden!  The main reason I put up with annoying landlords and bugs and poor insulation is so that I can have room to garden.  I love my house in the Heights, don’t get me wrong, but there are certain disadvantages.  Like 80 yr old landlady that “forgets” to tell you she’s coming over.  OR the massive sand flea problem I had a few summers ago.  OR the possums coming into the kitchen via a hole near the plumbing for the dishwasher.  OR the fact that I’m air conditioning and heating all the little creepy-crawlies-that-live-inside-my-walls’ homes due to NO tight fitting windows or doors and cracks at the floor boards.  AND the incredibly huge front and back yards that are Purrrrrrfect for parties.  Oh wait – that’s not a disadvantage – that’s my favorite thing!

Really, I never even think about that negative stuff.  I truly feel blessed to have found the house I live in.  We get a great deal (did I mention she’s 80?) and the location is stupendous!  Of course you know this because you wouldn’t be reading this I’m sure unless I’ve begged you to.  I’m not exactly an online celeb.  Never been “Kawasakied” or anything 🙂  Which implies you’re someone I know, and that pretty much means you’ve been to my house. 

Back to the garden though.  I love my little plants!  They are my children.  Can I be a “mommy blogger” now?  They’ve only been growing for 24 days and they’re HUGE!  Every day they look a little different from the one before.  Must be the good genes.

Here take a look at day 1.

March 23, 2008

tomato garden


Look at that GORGEOUS black healthy soil!  Organic Miracle Gro soil of course!  The tallest of the plants in this picture is really only about 12″ tall.  Except for the rose bush in the middle.  I inherited that one.  Just decided to plant around it. 

I’ve got issues with color organization so the tomatoes are planted darkest to lightest.  (craaaazy!  I know!)  Cherokee Purple on far left out of the shot, 2 beefsteaks, rose bush – not a tomato plant, brandywine, caspian pink, oxheart, and old german.  purple to red to pink to orange to yellow!  You will love the way it looks in another month or 2!

There’s also several marigolds to help keep the pesties away.  I try not to use the P word – Pesticide!  (Unless it’s on ants that will not heed my warnings of boiling hot water poured into their sand castles!)  There are 2 rue plants to give some food to the caterpillars that love to come around and eat my pretty green leaves.  I like them to have something because they’ll later turn into the prettiest butterflies.  I entertain the idea that when they are done metamorphising they remember my caring deed and will see me as a friend and fly around my head making me look like a true nature goddess. 

That’s the back yard garden – well part of it.  I forgot to take pictures of the butternut squash and eggplant and cucumber plants.  Save that for another day. 

The front yard has a long side bed that previously housed only these ugly shrubs – which I left to save the back breaking effort it would have taken to remove them – overgrown lantana, and some withering uncared-for roses.

Here it is day 1 of garden season!

March23, 2008

bell pepper garden

This is the Bell Pepper garden, with a few savory herbs thrown in for good taste.  Again with the Rue and Marigolds.



flower garden

This is a flower patch between the sweet bell peppers and my HOT pepper bed.  I was told that they may cross pollinate and the sweets’ll be spicy and the spicys’ll be mild.  So, I planted them a little ways apart but I’m sure it’s not enough.  We’ll see soon enough.  The wellies were a super awesome gift from the original Mrs. Mac.  The plumbago will fill out and be a great shade of blue/purple,the rangoon creeper will soon start to creep up the trellis another super awesome gift this time from the Ritter fam!  The Gazania I just learned the name of and it’s cool – the flowers close up at night and reopen the next day.


hot pepper garden

These were the cutest little things!  I say that because I fully accept that in no time they will kick my ass with their power.  I can’t wait to see them grow up since they will be so much fun to cook with.  I think I’m mostly looking forward to stuffing the poblanos with all kinds of goodness.

I also sprinkled flower seeds all over the dirt in all three front beds and mixed em in with my hands.  They were from some seed packs I’d had since last year and I figured if they sprout -good, and if they don’t, no harm done. 

This has been 24 days ago, so just over 3 weeks.  I’ll take some shots on their 1 month birthday to share with you.  You won’t BELIEVE how they’ve changed!  They grow up so fast these days. 

This is how I escape my day to day.  How do you do it?  I feel like sometimes people are a lot of effort.  Even those you love.  Don’t you?  What do you do to escape and clear your head?

Posted by: texantiff | 11 February 2008

Shut the F**k up already!

Tonight I went to yoga and am feeling on top of the world!  I really bask in the feeling I get as the lights are dimmed, my muscles tingle with energy, my breath is deep and regular, and I think that, in this moment, my life is peaceful and filled with joy, compassion, and love. Ahhhhhhh.  Can’t you just imagine how wonderful that feels?  I truly enjoy the folks at joy yoga and tonight I had one of my favorite yoginis.  She has a real soothing voice and is kind when pointing out my incorrect foot positions and (IMO) we bonded over our love of Eddie Vedder’s voice.  Tonight, as we were winding down our session and the lights were out and we were laying still and she began making the Tibetan bowl sing, the rain started falling on the windows!  How’s that for peaceful?

So, in my state of glowing happiness, I decide to be a good wife and go by the grocery store on my way home for the essentials.  It’s not too much to do for my tiny household!  Especially since it was my day off and I didn’t do a damn thing except read, play on the computer, and shop for a sexy Dr. Sketchy outfit.  I wind my way in and out of the aisles thinking how cool I am to be in my cute yoga workout gear buying all these veggies and organic products (even the kitties get natural food) and my soy milk- I even remembered to get J’s yogurt and OJ (I’m really trying out this good wife thing tonight!).  Really, if you can imagine it, I’m on cloud 9. 

Screeeeeeech.  All my peaceful thoughts go FLYING out the automatic doors!  (Which I’m so peaceful I didn’t even think to tell you about how the door alarm was going off the ENTIRE 30 minutes I’m shopping.)  The sweet looking old lady bagging my groceries takes one look at my healthy yoga-stretched figure and asks me the world’s most murderous question.  “Are you having a baby?”  WHILE staring at my belly!!!  “NO I most certainly am not, if I were it’s none of your damn business, I just left yoga, I’m feeling great and completely NONfat until just now, there’s a drawstring on my pants making my shirt stick out, I may be a little bloated, I have complete acceptance of my body (yoga talk seeping in), and seriously you need to shut the f**k up already!”

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say.

I just smiled sweetly, said “No, I’m not.” and we continued to make small talk about the groceries I was buying.  All the while, my brain is on fire thinking up horrible things I could have blurted out about her!  Nice white hair old lady, haven’t you heard of L’oreal Nice n Easy?  Are you going to die soon?  Why is your face all crinkly, did you live in the desert growing up?  Is your husband still alive?  Do your kids call you frequently?  What was it like growing up during WWI?  Do you still churn your own butter?  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!  See?  No more peace!  All gone.  Damn grocery shopping.  I finish paying, get my stuff in the basket and start heading to the door.  As I look back, another good reason for never doing that, the old one’s staring puzzledly at my midsection.  Damn it!

So this is what I get for being a good yoga loving vegetarian healthy girl?  Right now, as I sip my freshly juiced homemade V-8 I’m going to try to forget about it, remember that she is old and therefore has poor eyesight.  I just had to share this with you while it was still seered into my brainfolds.  Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Hey, 2 posts in one day!  Sweet!

Posted by: texantiff | 11 February 2008

Reading, blogging, selling, "Sketch"ing

Today is turning out to be full of possibilities!  I spent my morning catching up on all the reading I’ve been meaning to get to.  I’m a sucker for all the enticing piles of magazines located at the doors of all stores, restaurants, bars, etc. around town.  Sk!rt, 002, Envy, Gloss, barstool, just to name a few!  And yes they are frivolous but I recycle them!  I require not 1, but 3 big green recycling bins for all the things this household recycles!  I even bring all the recyclable paper, plastic, and aluminum home from work!  Overachiever!

I’ve also found a mecca of blogs about being a 20-something with no idea where my life is leading me.  Some days instead of feeling like the captain of my metaphorical ship I think I must be hanging out at the bar or sleeping in my cabin while some second-rate novice is at the wheel.  I believe this is how the Titanic met it’s demise.  I don’t want my life to end up at the bottom of a frozen sea so it’s nice to read about others my own age who are living lives uncontrolled like mine.  So, another big part of my morning was spent reading through about the lives of these fun new strangers!  Who knew you could type “20s blog” into google and get a response so dead-on!?  If I make any cool new online friends I’ll be sure to share where you can find them. 

The sun is semi-shining.  Not as nicely as yesterday, but nice enough that I need to get my arse outside, plant my tulip bulbs, get the leaves out of my flowerbeds, and start figuring out all the stuff I want to put into my yard sale.  And by the way –  CALLING ALL OVERSTUFFED CLOSETS! – I need crap merchandise for my yard sale to look huge and exciting.  Please go through your junk drawers, book shelves, closets, and outdated sweaters and bring your stuff over to my house.  We could all use a few extra $$$ right?  So, bring your stuff over and then meet me at my front yard on the 22 or 23rd.  I’ll provide the yard, the tables, the coffee, and the Baileys.  You and me and all our stuff will have a ball bargaining for the privilege of getting this stuff out of our houses.  Poor yard selling suckers!  We’ll have a clean house and they won’t know where to put all the crap we just unloaded on them!  Also, it’s a fun excuse to get together and drink at 8 am on a Saturday!  I live in a super cool neighborhood so the odds are good that it’ll all be gone pretty quick like.  Email me at texantiff23 at gmail dot com so we can make plans for you to drop off all your shit stuff.

I want to make sure all of you know about the coolest thing happening this Sunday.  On Feb. 17th, Dr.Sketchy will be having it’s Valentine’s Day show!  It’s sexy AND educational!  Well, mostly sexy.  But I did learn that I can’t draw last month.  I get the honor of being a Sketchy Art Goddess (hostess) and will be making sure all the artists/voyeurs are well stocked in sketchy shots and adult beverages.  So, I need to go shopping for a hot new outfit, and maybe score some free giveaway stuff for our naughty contests and prizes! 

Happy Monday everybody!

Posted by: texantiff | 10 January 2008

need em, gotta have em

So, I have been a very very bad girl and haven’t posted or blogged in who knows how long!  I’ve been catching up on everyone else’s lives and hilarious holiday adventures, but haven’t been doing any of my own sharing.  So, maybe it’s been lack of inspiration, or interestingness, who knows.  Whatever the reason it surely isn’t a good one.

I’ve been meaning to start writing again for a month or more.  Especially since I really really want to go to MamaDramaConQueso and not be a complete and utter poser!!!  But how do you start back up after a several month hiatus?  Do I try to catch you up on the boring mundanities of my life over the last several months?  Do I spill my inner soul and talk about all the self realization and searching I’ve attempted?  Maybe I need to tell you how stressed I’ve been over recent decisions I’ve needed to make.  What about the crazy shit my friends have gone through recently and how I feel the need to make their lives better?  Or, would you rather hear about my fantastic family and the terrific Thanksgiving and Christmas we celebrated?  Or how great I’ve been doing at work?  I don’t know where to start.  Well, it figures.  The thing that finally gets me typing has to do with 3 things.  1.Shopping 2.Decorating 3.Fashion.  Figures.  I’m such a fucking girl I can’t stand it.

  So, I found something super cool on Design Mom’s site that I needed to share and that is what finally has pushed me over the edge.  I’m posting it damn it!  That’s right!  I’m actually putting it out there!  You read it, I’m back on the blog scene and no one can stop me now!  If you want to buy me a cool birthday present, it’s only 5 months away, May 23, I NEED these plates.  Really it’s all a superchic needs.

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Arrrr, it’s talk like a pirate day!

Ahoy mateys get out your peg legs and eye patches. Listen to a little “Jolly Good Rogers” band, and work on your pirate accent because – you know it – today is talk like a pirate day. Here is my pirate name. You can get yours too!

My pirate name is:
Bloody Jenny Kidd

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. Even though you’re not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

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I’m sorry!  I’ve been gone so long!  So much has been happening.  I promise I’ll catch you all up real soon!

I had a great trip to San Francisco with E and S, and it’s been so hard to not have any thing to look forward to now.  Very anticlimactic. 

Look back soon for more info.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my pictures at


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Mika You Rock!

Thank you Mika for standing up for what news reporting should be about!  On MSNBC Mika tried to destroy her lead in news story about Paris Hilton’s release from jail.  She took a stand against her producer saying that it wasn’t real news and that there were many other important stories that could have been the lead story.  First she tried to burn it, couldn’t get the lighter to work, then tore it up, then when it was handed to her again she shredded it!  You Go Girl!  I hope she gets the praise and recognition from fellow journalists that she deserves.  I’m tired, just like everyone else, with hearing about our celebrity whores on the news!  It’s a bunch of crap that people care as much if not more about Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan as they do about the wars going on in other parts of the world, or the legislative decisions being made in Congress that, unlike Paris’s or Lindsey’s problems, will actually affect OUR lives!  It’s sick!


Posted by: texantiff | 27 June 2007

For the Love of Art

Just found out that Jason and I are going to an awesome photography show Friday night with Katie, Adam, Josh, and Kim!!! Gonna go see tethered to the sun at Dean’s in downtown. Awesome news! Really interesting photos and cool washed out colors. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

Posted by: texantiff | 27 June 2007

Ipod Pizazz

Wanna be cooler than cool? Ipods multiply faster than rabbits – just take a walk on the loop in Memorial Park and see for yourself. White headphone wires are more common than the ever enticing shirtless buff bods and bouncing bosoms of the joggers. If you want to stand out from the crowd check out these ipod skins. I love the designs and cool looks. There are skins for all the differnt ipod sizes. Found these super cool things on sk*rt which is my new time vaccuum, seeing as how I’ve been on the computer for almost 5 hours and haven’t eaten. Read all about these awesome skins and downloads some super sweet workout playlists at .

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