Posted by: texantiff | 17 April 2008

Garden Tiff

I am getting SO excited about my little vegetable garden!  The main reason I put up with annoying landlords and bugs and poor insulation is so that I can have room to garden.  I love my house in the Heights, don’t get me wrong, but there are certain disadvantages.  Like 80 yr old landlady that “forgets” to tell you she’s coming over.  OR the massive sand flea problem I had a few summers ago.  OR the possums coming into the kitchen via a hole near the plumbing for the dishwasher.  OR the fact that I’m air conditioning and heating all the little creepy-crawlies-that-live-inside-my-walls’ homes due to NO tight fitting windows or doors and cracks at the floor boards.  AND the incredibly huge front and back yards that are Purrrrrrfect for parties.  Oh wait – that’s not a disadvantage – that’s my favorite thing!

Really, I never even think about that negative stuff.  I truly feel blessed to have found the house I live in.  We get a great deal (did I mention she’s 80?) and the location is stupendous!  Of course you know this because you wouldn’t be reading this I’m sure unless I’ve begged you to.  I’m not exactly an online celeb.  Never been “Kawasakied” or anything :)  Which implies you’re someone I know, and that pretty much means you’ve been to my house. 

Back to the garden though.  I love my little plants!  They are my children.  Can I be a “mommy blogger” now?  They’ve only been growing for 24 days and they’re HUGE!  Every day they look a little different from the one before.  Must be the good genes.

Here take a look at day 1.

March 23, 2008

tomato garden


Look at that GORGEOUS black healthy soil!  Organic Miracle Gro soil of course!  The tallest of the plants in this picture is really only about 12″ tall.  Except for the rose bush in the middle.  I inherited that one.  Just decided to plant around it. 

I’ve got issues with color organization so the tomatoes are planted darkest to lightest.  (craaaazy!  I know!)  Cherokee Purple on far left out of the shot, 2 beefsteaks, rose bush – not a tomato plant, brandywine, caspian pink, oxheart, and old german.  purple to red to pink to orange to yellow!  You will love the way it looks in another month or 2!

There’s also several marigolds to help keep the pesties away.  I try not to use the P word – Pesticide!  (Unless it’s on ants that will not heed my warnings of boiling hot water poured into their sand castles!)  There are 2 rue plants to give some food to the caterpillars that love to come around and eat my pretty green leaves.  I like them to have something because they’ll later turn into the prettiest butterflies.  I entertain the idea that when they are done metamorphising they remember my caring deed and will see me as a friend and fly around my head making me look like a true nature goddess. 

That’s the back yard garden – well part of it.  I forgot to take pictures of the butternut squash and eggplant and cucumber plants.  Save that for another day. 

The front yard has a long side bed that previously housed only these ugly shrubs – which I left to save the back breaking effort it would have taken to remove them – overgrown lantana, and some withering uncared-for roses.

Here it is day 1 of garden season!

March23, 2008

bell pepper garden

This is the Bell Pepper garden, with a few savory herbs thrown in for good taste.  Again with the Rue and Marigolds.



flower garden

This is a flower patch between the sweet bell peppers and my HOT pepper bed.  I was told that they may cross pollinate and the sweets’ll be spicy and the spicys’ll be mild.  So, I planted them a little ways apart but I’m sure it’s not enough.  We’ll see soon enough.  The wellies were a super awesome gift from the original Mrs. Mac.  The plumbago will fill out and be a great shade of blue/purple,the rangoon creeper will soon start to creep up the trellis another super awesome gift this time from the Ritter fam!  The Gazania I just learned the name of and it’s cool – the flowers close up at night and reopen the next day.


hot pepper garden

These were the cutest little things!  I say that because I fully accept that in no time they will kick my ass with their power.  I can’t wait to see them grow up since they will be so much fun to cook with.  I think I’m mostly looking forward to stuffing the poblanos with all kinds of goodness.

I also sprinkled flower seeds all over the dirt in all three front beds and mixed em in with my hands.  They were from some seed packs I’d had since last year and I figured if they sprout -good, and if they don’t, no harm done. 

This has been 24 days ago, so just over 3 weeks.  I’ll take some shots on their 1 month birthday to share with you.  You won’t BELIEVE how they’ve changed!  They grow up so fast these days. 

This is how I escape my day to day.  How do you do it?  I feel like sometimes people are a lot of effort.  Even those you love.  Don’t you?  What do you do to escape and clear your head?

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  1. Looks good, how are they looking these days?

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